katie. the big cheese.

After picking up her first camera at 15, Katie’s world was never the same again. Formerly educated at SCAD. Informerly educated in the advertising and talbe-top photography studios of Chicago, IL. Katie dallied around in Philadelphia and New Zealand before coming back to Alabama to start K8 Photo.

An animal lover from the beginning, Katie brought her passion for photography and love of animals together when she decided to photograph her dog, Theo with the same precision she would an editorial piece. Thus she found a place where her perfectionism, love of detail, creative drive and passion for animals could all come together: K8 Photo.

Theo. Photo Editor.

Meet the bad boy of photo editing. Getting his start as a street artist, Theo uses his hardened youth to bring an avant-garde flair to his editing style. Sometimes criticized for his "creative outbursts", Theo has found that channeling his aggression into his work has helped him to bring a unique edge to the K8 Photo brand.



Olive. Human Resources and Accounting.

After many years in the beauty queen circuit, Olive often dreams of the glamor of her youth and wonders how she ended up managing people and numbers at the family business.