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Paul Mitchell weekend

So my little sister Bailey had her first official pro modeling gig this past weekend in Atlanta. Chelsea and I drove her up there and got to stay and see the first night. 

The event was at the Paul Mitchell school in Atlanta and Bailey was one of a few girls who were modeling for the hair show. The show was focused around the work of William Deridder (http://www.williamderidder.com), a world renowned stylist best known for his updos. He started things out by giving a live haircut on stage, followed by two more cut transformations. Bailey was the first of three girls he gave updos to. While he was working on her hair, Ann Bray, the owner of Masters salon here in Huntsville, came up on stage and surprised him. She is also very well known in the hair community and was one of the hair stylists to work on the Hunger Games and is currently working on Catching Fire, the sequel, in Atlanta. 

yay bailey!

Pic 1: Bailey's awesome makeup

Pic 2: On stage with William and Ann

Pics 3 &4: Bailey's updo

Pic 5: Bailey and William 

Pic 6: Bailey and Pascal Schoolaert (another brilliant hairdresser and William's brother-in-law)