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hair, hair, hair

Every so often I get together with a hairstylist friend of mine, as well as any other artists who want to collaborate, and we play around and do some shots together. This month we did a beauty theme. I got to work on my "beauty lighting" and retouching, Pascal Schooleart (my trusty hairstylist) played around with a few different looks, and I was able to rope my sister and a friend into modeling. Thanks again to Bailey Benton and Hollley Porter Wright for being such good sports!

The lighting setup was pretty straightforward, I used a medium octabox angled high and in front of my models face. I then had a silver reflected positioned under their chins to bounce the light back up. This created a very even, flattering light across the models face. This also made it possible for me to light both her hair and her face with just one light. 

Neither one of my models needed a large amount of retouching work done, so for the most part I got to play with more subtle techniques to just smooth out any discoloration or unwanted shadows in their skin. To do this I used the Frequency Separation technique, explained here by the brilliant and talented Julia Kuzmenko McKim (well worth checking out more of her work!).  If you haven't tried it before, it is AMAZING, and super fun :)

Here is a before and after of one photo to give you an idea. 

Here are a few  more images from the day (p.s. the background is a grey sheet from my bed. Making it work since 1984)