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I whip my hair back and forth...

So I am doing a lot of new work lately, which I will update as I get through it. However, I am going to be spattering older shoots onto my blog for awhile also. This is for two reasons really, I like it and think it's pretty and I like the idea of having most of my shoots in one place for future archival reasons. So, you see, it's really all about me. 

Here is another collaboration shoot that Pascal Schoolaert, Bailey and I did together - the first in fact. Pascal is an old family friend and highly renowned hair stylist. He often comes to town to do work with old clients, and when he does we try to get together and do some fun shoots for our portfolios. Pascal had just cut and colored Bailey's hair before this one and wanted something free and natural. Love how this turned out!

The shoot took place close to sunset in my mother's back garden. Bailey was wearing a tube top on a chilly fall evening, tossing her hair back and forth while Pascal held a desk fan on an extension cord up to her. Hence the goosebumps in some of the pictures. Through all that she managed to maintain a serene expression - mad skillz. She was in full motion for all of these images, none of the poses or expressions were planned. Everything was shot with available light - hence the blurring and dark eyes in some. But I think it lends to the overall effect.  

Props to little sis for the makeup also! Yay :)