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Studio style portraits using ONLY window light.

Bailey and I recently took advantage of some overcast, gloomy weather to show you guys 4 different ways to shoot portraits using only window light. Armed with a camera and reflector, we headed over to Lowe Mill one stormy afternoon in search of epic window lighting. After much laughter and general shenanigans, we were able to bring you guys four distinctly different styles of portraiture using a single light source.

In the first setup we kept @_haybails turned sideways to the window, creating some shadows and depth on the right side of her face. Next, we brought in the silver side of my reflector to bounce some of the light back into those same shadows, creating a softer look. My favorite scenario, was when we had @_haybails face the light while holding the black side of the reflector up behind her. Because the light was so soft and diffused, and the window was so large, we were able to get some beautiful, evenly lit shots this way. LASTLY, we brought Bailey into the room a bit and turned her back to the window. By exposing for her face, we were able to allow the background to blow out, creating a nice white background.

So, there you have it, four ways to shoot one portrait with the exact same light source! Remember, depending upon the time or day, quality of light and size of window you use, you can get varying results. That’s the fun part! Get out there, find some nice window light, drag a friend along and play around! Tag @k8photo_ in your images, I’d love to see what you come up with :)

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